Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Malayalam Actress Sangeetha Mohan Scandal

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Sangeetha Mohan is a popular Malayalam TV and movie actress who got caught in a sex scandal few years ago. Recently she was arrested for drunken driving. Sangeetha Mohan may not have performed in any Malayalam actress Blue films yet but she was arrested for other activities by the Kerala police and recently for drunken driving. Was the Malayalam actress Sangeetha Mohan really drunk and did she really act in a blue film or is it just a fake video and a complete fake is all unknown.

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Sangeetha was driving from Pazhavangadi near the Big Bazaar in Trivandrum, Kerala. When the police stopped her car, the actress first refused to open the door but when the police team led by medical college circle inspector Suresh Kumar, who was on night duty, tried to break the glass, Malayalam TV Serial actress Sangeetha Mohan decided to come out of the vehicle. The police also found some liquor bottles inside the car. The cops took the beautiful actress to a hospital for medical examination and she was released on bail after this incident. It is interesting to note that she received warning just a week ago for the same drunken driving behavior. Indian actress Blue films and sexy pictures of south indian actresses are the entry door for many successful artists as there are plenty of examples

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