Wednesday, February 1, 2012


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Recounting how it all happened,a source who is very close to the actress said they met at a party soon after the guy returned from a trip to Holland.After exchanging phone numbers and talking on the phone for some time,they went out on a dinner and from there,hit off.
Our source said that what made the actress who has modeled for a drink and telecoms company to fall hopelessly in love with the guy was when he convinced her that he was not married,after pampering her silly with both gifts and attention.
Not long after,she moved into the guy's VGC Home In Lekki,Lagos and both of them started living as husband and wife.However,unknown to the actress,the guy was already married and with kids too.His family only relocated abroad temporarily.
Anyway,they continued living together,with the actress driving all the man's car,altering this and that in his house(interior-wise) until the bubble burst.
A neighbor alerted the guy's wife abroad,and without notifying her husband,she flew back into the country-with her children of course-and all hell was let loose.
The top actress was not only thoroughly humiliated,her things were flung outside by the other woman who kept shouting at the top of her voice that the juju she had used on her man had been neutralized and that never again would her husband fall for her bait.She went on and on,calling her names,singing after her as the actress,now drenched in tears and total humiliation,took her leave,explaining to the few people that cared to listen that she never knew the man was married.
Additional investigation revealed that she may be saying the truth on that.Because we learnt that the man used to sneak out to talk to his wife and children.At other times,he would hide himself in a room to do that,lying to the actress who used to suspect him of being into 419 that he was talking to his foreign business partners.
Again,we were told that because of the nature of his VGC home,he cleverly moved all his wife and children's belongings to a section of the house before allowing the actress to move in.And on the few occasions that she queried why that portion of the house was perpetually under lock and key,he lied that a neighbor of his occupying it had travelled abroad for further studies.
The guy in question is from the Igbo speaking part of Delta State.He runs a travel agency on Victoria Island,Lagos.Alphabet P begins his first name and he belongs to one of the white garment churches with headquarters in Yaba.
The actress is very fair,from the Niger Delta,read Theatre Arts and has a royal blood in her veins.
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