Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sunny Leone finds a fan in Ram Gopal Varma

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Sunny Leone finds a fan in Ram Gopal Varma


We hear that Ram Gopal Varma recently approached Mahesh Bhatt, Sunny’s mentor in the film industry, and expressed his desire to work with the Jism 2 starlet. Though Mahesh Bhatt approved of it, there were conditions.
Sources claim that RGV was presented with two conditions; one, that his movie be released only after Jism 2; other that the director should give an equally sensuous role to Sunny Leone in his movie.

The conditions sound okay! But Ram Gopal Varma didn’t take this in a positive stride. RGV has reportedly not taken Bhatt’s demands kindly, and is annoyed with him for controlling Sunny’s career. Now Varma is completely rubbishing the news of having approached Mahesh Bhatt, to cast Sunny Leone.

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