Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bipasha Basu says she had a ‘very uncomfortable’ time kissing R Madhavan

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Bipasha Basu says she had a ‘very uncomfortable’ time kissing R Madhavan

 The dusky beauty, Bipasha Basu, is known best for her bold performances but the actress has insisted that she still gets very nervous during a kissing scene, which might be a shocking news many out there.

India’s very own Bong beauty, who recently proved her glam avatar in ‘Players’, told the media that she became a good friend of Madhavan during the film’s shooting yet kissing him on screen was a very uncomfortable experience for her.
The 33-year-old will resume shooting for her Hollywood film ‘Singularity’ in April and after getting done with it, she will participate in Vikram Bhatt’s ‘Raaz 3’, which will be released in July this year.
‘Raaz 3’, which is sequel to the 2002 hit film ‘Raaz’, will have a lot of lust, love and fear in it and therefore Bipasha is also nervous about ‘Raaz 3’.
“I am scared of kissing on screen. Yes, on-screen kissing nerves me to death and I had a really very uncomfortable experience in `Jodi Breakers` with R Madhavan who is a friend.”
“I had to kiss him, it was important for the film, so there was no convincing that was required. I knew I would do it but the process is not easy. Even for `Raaz 3`, it’s not going to be easy but don’t scare me from now. When it comes to it, we shall see,” she added. Daily times monitor.
Currently, Madhavan is on a weight-loss mission and Bipasha, who is fitness freak, is helping him out and the actress is very possessive about him as well.
Recently, both stars faced a lot of criticism on their kissing scene. It was said that perhaps Madhavan had eaten onions before shooting the scene and Bipasha had to rush to her room to get herself rid off the smell.
While responding to the news an irked Bipasha Basu tweeted, “Disgusting and ridiculous news about me and Maddy`s kissing scene today in one of the dailies! Looks like the people who wrote it kissed Maddy for the scene!”


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