Sunday, March 4, 2012

Over 71,000 people want to marry Veena Malik on Swayamvar!

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Over 71,000 people want to marry Veena Malik on Swayamvar!

Mumbai: All the controversies that Veena Malik created has finally paid off.

According to reports, Swayamvar Season 4 – Veena Ka Vivaah has set a record with 71,240 entries from candidates ready to take part in the show.

By comparison it is nearly 23,000 more than the last season which had Ratan Rajput as the bride. The Pakistani controversy queen can now boast of being the most in demand among others. Rakhi Sawant (30,000), Rahul Mahajan (43,000) and Ratan Rajput (54,000), were the previous contestants.

Surprisingly a large number of entries are from abroad. Reports say that Pakistan, UK and US dominate the foreign category. However, the maximum number of entries is from India.

Veena was reportedly over the moon with the response.

North India dominated the Indian entries with 41 percent. Mumbai and Pune follow at 38%. What left even Veena amazed was that a good number of entries were from Poland.

Commenting on the staggering number of entries Veena opined that the beauty, family values and tradition of the Indian and Pakistani girls are what attracts people from across the world.

Not the one to let go of an opportunity of self-praise, Veena said that her boldness could be the reason why a majority of North Indian's are attracted to her.

However, only 116 entries were shortlisted of which Veena selected 40. She is yet to choose 16 finalists from among them.

Only Rahul Mahajan got married on the show. Ratan Rajput and Rakhi Sawant did not marry. On her part Veena says she is in search of a soulmate. 
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